Windows 8 app store approval policy outlined

Microsoft has finally shown off Windows 8, but for those who are looking to create applications for the new store, Microsoft has outlined, at a high level, the approval process that you should be aware of.

The application store can be seen in the image above, the orange shopping bag next to the IE icon. While the store currently is not open yet for business as applications need to be created, the store will be a key component of Microsoft's tablet strategy.

Of course with application developers submitting their apps, Microsoft has created a six-step approval process for app submissions:

  • Step 1: Pre-processing (1 hour)
  • Step 2: Security test (3 hours)
  • Step 3: Technical Compliance (6 hours)
  • Step 4: Content Compliance (6 hours)
  • Step 5: Signing and Publishing (2 hours)
  • Step 6: Release

The approval process might not be as rigorous as Apple’s, but at least Microsoft has a number of safe guards into approval process to keep malware and other malicious code from executing and spreading onto machines through their ‘Windows Store’.

The new approval process will also help to maintain quality applications and give Microsoft greater control over their ecosystem. With all of the new announcements today, Microsoft is on the right track to developing a platform for not only growth but stability too.

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