Windows 8 campaign kicks off with first official television commercial

Microsoft has just released its first official Windows 8 commercial that highlights the upcoming release of Windows 8. The advert, which you can see above, first ran at about 12:50 PM EST.

Microsoft is gearing up for a massive launch of Windows 8 later this month. This first commercial will be one of many that we expect to see as Microsoft works to build awareness around its newest OS.

The campaign is upbeat and shows off the versatility of the platform by highlighting traditional PCs, tablets, and touchscreen notebooks. The song playing during the commercial is "Only Want You" by the Eagles of Death Metal playing in the background.

Microsoft touts the "Reimagined" tagline that the company has been using for some time to indicate that this is not your traditional Windows platform. Microsoft also points to 10.26.2012 as the launch date which the company has already been sending out media invites for the launch events all around the world

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