Windows 8 now includes touch gesture to close Metro apps

You might think that closing Metro apps in Windows 8 would be handled by touch gestures. However in the public developer's preview version of Microsoft's upcoming operating system, closing Metro apps is handled by the Task Manager. Now a new video posted by the web site shows that a new Windows 8 build has put in touch gesture support for closing Metro style applications.

As you can see in the above video, dragging the app via touch down to the bottom screen shuts down the application in the Metro UI version.  The video itself is of very low quality; it was clearly taken with an outside camera filming a screen.

It's likely that this new touch screen feature will be put in the upcoming public beta version of Windows 8, which is expected to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2012. We can certainly expect to learn about more and more features that will be added to Windows 8 in the coming weeks. Microsoft is expected to demo a new build of Windows 8 during its keynote address during the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas in early January 2012.

Neowin will be at CES 2012 for all of the Windows 8 news that will be revealed during the show.

Video via WinUnleaked.

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