Windows 8.1 spring update screenshots leak

Well, that didn’t take very long did it? After we reported yesterday that the spring update for Windows 8.1 is scheduled to be released in April, it is now being reported that early builds of the update are in the hands of folks outside the walls of Redmond but alas, the full build has yet to leak.

The screenshots were leaked by Wzor and show the build string that is slightly masked at the bottom. Now, while the build is in the hands of some who are able to leak, there are a few confidentially issues at stake, so the build has not been fully leaked, yet. The source states that after January 14th, when wider distribution occurs, it will be more likely that the build will leak but that's not a guarantee.

It’s being said that this is not simply a rollup of in the traditional sense and that Microsoft will offer the update as a pre-installed installation packager or a standalone update. We aren't quite sure what the source means by it not being a traditional service pack as no new features were stated in the post.

Further, Microsoft reportedly has no plans to release a ‘preview’ version of the software and will stick to a live rollout of the update. This shouldn’t be a major surprise as Microsoft typically only beta tests major releases such as Windows 8 and the 8.1 update.

Not much else is known in terms of new features but it is being said that the update will be released to the public around the time of the BUILD conference. This is the third source to identify this timeline which means it’s likely going to happen.

Naturally, this is not the final build that will be released and Microsoft could include more features before release. Microsoft likely knows that as soon as a build is sent out to its OEM partners, screenshots will leak so they may be keeping any new features under wrap for a few more weeks.

Source: Wzor | Translation help thanks to @AngleWZR

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