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Windows Phone 7 Series emulator unlocked

When Microsoft released their Windows Phone 7 Series emulator, some of the features were locked, but that was merely a task for Dan Ardelean, owner of “Mobile Development” blog.  Dan posted that he successfully unlocked the features in the emulator.

Dan wrote, “After a good idea, 6 hours of work and a lot a lot of digging I've unlocked the ROM image in the emulator CTP".  Microsoft restricted use of all the unfinished features, but it took Dan only 6 hours to unlock them all.

Dan didn’t post exactly how he did it, but provided screenshots of the interface as an example of what is hidden.  He even mentioned that the phone has a file explorer, and a task manager.  He did say he would share how to unlock it, if Microsoft permitted it - for educational purposes only, later on today.

The link to the unlocked emulator was quickly removed, fearing Microsoft wouldn’t react kindly to the modified version.

I have decided to take down the link because Microsoft could get upset and I don't really want that (if someone at Microsoft will tell me that it doesn't bother them I will put it back).

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