Windows Phone 8.1 might start rolling out today [Update]

While many of us are already enjoying Windows Phone 8.1, through the Developer Preview program, most users out there haven’t yet had a chance to check out Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system. But that may change very soon, as the update is rumoured to launch officially later today.

The Developer Preview was launched not long after Microsoft’s BUILD conference but so far the official launch of the OS hasn’t taken place. The company did say however that WP 8.1 would start rolling out to all users during June. Now, as we’re nearing the end of the month, the likelihood that the update will go live increases with every passing day.

NDTV is reporting that Windows Phone 8.1 might actually launch later on today, which means that some users, especially those with unlocked devices, could start receiving update notifications by tonight. Of course this doesn't necessarily mean the update will hit all users' phones straight away, as rollouts are generally staggered over several weeks, with launch dates varying by market, carrier, manufacturer and model.

OEMs will also be releasing their own firmware upgrades to take advantage of new features in Windows Phone 8.1, like the upcoming Lumia Cyan update, and these too will have their own delivery schedules. 

The launch may also see Cortana reaching new markets beyond the United States. Microsoft has said that Cortana will launch in China and the United Kingdom "this year", although one source told Neowin to expect a UK launch this month.

If you want to learn more about WP 8.1, be sure to read our full review, and you can also take a look at our continuing in-depth coverage of the Lumia 630, as that handset is already on the market with Microsoft's latest and greatest mobile OS.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment but until they answer back please take this info with a pinch of salt. And whether it arrives today or not, one thing’s for certain: Windows Phone 8.1 will start rolling out in the near future.

Source: NDTV via: Winbeta

Update: Nokia has officially started rolling out the Lumia Cyan update in certain regions on select devices. Lumia Cyan, which comes with  the latest handset firmware as well as Windows Phone 8.1, is showing up for users of the Lumia 925 in FInland. For now this is only for a limited number of devices, which is typical with a staggered release. As time goes on, especially if no major issues arise, more and more devices will start to receive the update. And remember this is also dependent on your carrier and location so hitting the Check for updates buttons might not do you much good.

Additionally Winphonemetro is reporting that Argentinean Windows Phone users are also receiving the update for the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 925, but so far these reports haven't been confirmed. While most of you will still have to wait awhile before receiving the update it's great to see Microsoft's latest mobile OS being officially distributed to end-users.

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