Windows Phone game used for marriage proposal

Most men just get down on one knee to propose marriage. On this Valentine's Day, Microsoft reported on its Windows Phone blog site that a UK resident did something different for his proposal to his girlfriend. He used his Windows Phone and a recreation of an Windows Phone exclusive game, Wordament.

Patrick Long met his girlfriend, Jenny Longman, at a Christmas charity event; the couple enjoy playing Wordament on Long's Windows Phone. The object of the game is to create as many words as possible on the game's 4X4 grid.

Long wanted to use Wordament to propose to Longman. In the end he didn't use the game itself but recreated it via Microsoft’s Expression Blend program. The final result was a custom board that looked and acted like the Wordament game with 20 words.

In the end, Long asked Longman to play "Wordament" after dinner one night. She began tracing out the words on the board and began to realize this was something different. Long and Longman played the game together and finally the Wedding March theme played when they found all 20 words. Of course this is a nerdy, but creative way to propose...something we can stand behind.

Oh, and she said yes!

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