Windows Phone GDR 2 looks set for a July release, according to one carrier

The next update to the Windows Phone platform, GDR2, is looking like it will start hitting handsets in the July timeframe. While the above information is only for Telstra, if that carrier is able to push out updates to its devices in July, it would seem logical that other carriers around the world should be able to push out updates around the same time.

The GDR2 update will bring several new features to the platform, including CalDav, expanded DataSense support and FM radio. There are other under-the-hood enhancements as well, though this is a relatively small update to the platform. Dates for Telestra's testing schedule can be seen here.

One aspect to pay attention to when the update does roll out is how quickly Microsoft is able to deliver the update to the many different phones out on the market. For Microsoft, keeping all of its phones updated is an important step, as it avoids the negative connotation Android has where handsets don’t support new versions of the platform.

Even though Microsoft has a walled-garden approach to Windows Phone with many different models in the wild and several variations of each handset being sold by the same vendor, it’s a logistical mountain Microsoft must cross to make sure each handset is updated in a timely fashion.

We will hopefully hear more about the future of Windows Phone at Microsoft’s upcoming BUILD conference that occurs later this month

Source: Telstra via WMPoweruser

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