Windows Phone Mango Samsung SGH-i677 spotted with keyboard?

It was not long ago that Microsoft announced that it had given Mango the all important RTM stamp of approval. Not long after that announcement, the first Windows Phone Mango device was announced in Japan.

To build on the news, a new Samsung device has surfaced that looks like it may bring a full keyboard to the Mango experience. The Samsung SGH-i677 name has been spotted and based on past models, this new device will most likely bring with it a full keyboard. First spotted by  (via WMPoweruser) as it was passing through certification tests, the device will most likely be a next generation Mango phone.

Little else is known about the device other than its model number. But based on previous designs in the same class by Samsung, a full slide out keyboard is a given, but as for being a showstopper device, this will probably not be it. The other phones in the class represent business oriented devices that focus on function over form. The image above is not a representation of the hardware.

Windows Phone 7 OS "Mango" is expected to be available on new and retail devices in September. Mango brings over 500 new features to the platform, including IE9 with HTML5 support, mulititasking, OS-wide IM integration, Twitter + Facebook integration, and more. Mango also brings support to new markets, including Russia, Brazil and Japan.

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