Windows RT devices to see slow rollout

According to a new report, Microsoft's ARM partners are running into issues with Windows RT, likely delaying many devices featuring the ARM-powered version of Windows. Of Microsoft's three ARM partners – NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments – NVIDIA is the furthest along because of its previous history developing Windows drivers for its other products.

Brooke Croothers of CNET News reports that Microsoft is slowly dipping its toe in the ARM-powered waters, only allowing a limited amount of devices to use Windows RT. Each ARM developer is being given two "slots," according to Croothers, for ARM device designs. An HP device using a Qualcomm chip will account for one of those device designs, although HP has previously announced it won't have a Windows RT device available for the operating system's launch. An HP spokesperson said this decision was made because of "input from customers" who prefer the "robust and established ecosystem of x86 applications."

Microsoft previously announced that an NVIDIA Tegra processor will power its first tablet, the Windows RT version of Surface. The Windows RT version of Surface is expected to launch alongside Windows RT and Windows 8 sometime in October, although no other Windows RT-powered devices have been announced for a similar launch date. To date, only Surface and an Asus tablet have been officially announced as Windows RT products. Additional devices have been shown at press events, although no official products have been announced.

Source: CNET News

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