Nokia: We have a backup if Windows Phone doesn't work out

Is Nokia planning ahead in case its upcoming Windows Phone 8 plans don't work out? That appears to be what the company's new chairman Risto Siilasmaa said earlier this week. The website reports that Siilasmaa made an appearance on a Finland-based TV talk show and said that the company in fact has a "contingency plan" in case their Windows Phone 8 products don't sell as anticipated.

While Siilasmaa, who became the company's chairman in May, added that he was sure that Windows Phone 8 would be a success for Nokia, one has to wonder why he would mention any sort of backup plan in public. Whatever that plan might be, it does not sound like it will involve Symbian, which is Nokia's in-house operating system and was its major OS until the Windows Phone deal was announced. Siilasmaa said, "Symbian’s market share has come down close to zero."

The story also points out what we have reported before: That Nokia's stock price has plummeted down to new lows. In June the company announced plans to cut 10,000 more workers as well as a shake up in its executive ranks. One of the changes put Chris Weber, formerly the head of Nokia's US operations, as its new executive vice president of sales and marketing.

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