Windows Update Corporate Edition in Beta Testing

Thanks Aaron for this one. Seems Microsoft is busy with v4.0 of Corporate Windows Update for Windows 2000/XP/Windows .NET (Server Family). The new site when its released will have the same UI as the XP version of Windows Update and will be accessible from Windows 2000. Here is a snip from the site:

The Microsoft® Windows® Update Corporate Edition component of the Strategic Technology Protection Program (STPP) builds on the success of the current Microsoft Windows Update technologies to provide a solution to the problem of managing and distributing critical Windows patches that resolve known security vulnerabilities and other stability issues with Microsoft Windows operating systems. This solution updates Windows 2000 or later Windows operating systems on any corporate network, and is a particularly powerful update-management tool on Microsoft Active Directory®-based networks.

Today, corporations have to frequently check the Windows Update site or the Microsoft Security Web site for patches. Then they have to manually download patches that have been made available since they last visited the site, test the patches, and then distribute the patches manually or by using their traditional software-distribution tools. Windows Update Corporate Edition solves these problems.

Windows Update Corporate Edition provides dynamic notification of critical updates to Windows computers whether or not they have Internet access. Additionally, this technology provides a simple and automatic solution for distributing those updates to your corporate Windows desktops and servers.

Screenshot: Welcome page | Synchronizing the server (updates) | Approving Updates

News source: More screens & info @ Microsoft Technet

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