Windows XP market share continues to fade in November

Every month we get a look at the usage share of the desktop ecosystem that allows us to spot trends and to get a peek what operating systems the consumer is using. For the month of November, Windows XP dropped considerably and Windows 8 and 8.1 climbed up a few notches too.

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For the month of November, Windows XP is reported to have been used by 13.57% of the population sampled by Net Applications which is down from 17.18% in October. Windows 8 grew to 6.55% from 5.88% and Windows 8.1 moved up to 12.1% from 10.92%; Windows 7 was flat with 53.71% for November and 53.05% in October.

The drop in XP market share is likely a big relief for Microsoft as it shows that the OS is quickly fading away from relevancy as it is no longer being supported by the company. The modest gains by Windows 8/8.1 shows that consumers are moving from XP to the new platform too. But, Windows 7 is still holding strong and shows no significant signs of shrinkage.

Windows 10 will likely be the only OS that stands a chance at significantly impacting Windows 7 market share but that OS won't be released until the middle of 2015.

Source: Net Marketshare

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