World's First 18x SATA LightScribe DVD Burner

With most PCs today shifting to Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drive interfaces, Samsung Electronics has announced the next breakthrough drive with the introduction of the new WriteMaster SH-S183L, the first 18x Serial ATA DVD burner on the market today.

With its SATA interface, the SH-S183L eliminates the need for Master/Slave jumper settings and provides thinner data cables, improving airflow and cable routing. The SH-S183L offers transfer rates of 150MB/s, 300MB/s and 600MB/s, making it one of the fastest drives on the market today. The SH-S183L is shipping nationwide with an Estimated Street Price of $89.99.

Designed for consumers looking for a super-fast DVD burner with advanced technology, the SH-S183L offers 12x DVD-RAM recording, and 8x double layer DVD+R and DVD-R recording. LightScribe technology is also embedded in the DVD drive, letting users engrave labels, photos, and designs right onto the CD and DVD discs with no hassle at all. The SH-S183L is the ideal drive for home users as well as IT professionals for use in enterprise and network storage applications.

"As a technology forerunner, Samsung takes great pride in being the first company on the market to offer our valued consumers new and innovative technological advancements," said Richard Aguilera, western regional sales manager, Samsung Storage Division. "The new SH-S183L is the world's first 18x Serial ATA drive and breaks the mold in the industry. With this exciting new drive, Samsung continues its tradition of offering customers high-end, superior quality optical disc drives at affordable prices."

Product source: Samsung SH-S183A
Product source: Samsung SH-S183L (Lightscribe)
News source: BIOS

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