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Xbox Live account migration may be getting a lot easier

If you have tried to migrate your Xbox Live account from one region to another, you will know that the process is a colossal pain in the butt.  For many years, it was not even an option to allow users to migrate regions that their Xbox Live account is associated with, but that all changed back in October when Microsoft finally caved to user demands make the feature available.

After the option was offered to consumer, it was quickly realized it was not a perfect solution as the process would take up to six weeks for the migration to occur and, during that time, your account would be inaccessible – not exactly a user friendly situation.

If the above information has been holding you back but you still want to change the region your Xbox Live account is associated with, there may be some good news on the horizon.

We have heard from two users who requested to change the region their account is associated with who both said Microsoft has informed them that they should wait a few more weeks as the process will be moving online to allow for instant migration. One individual stated he was told sometime after January 15 for the launch date, but the other was told in the next few weeks or months.

While Microsoft has not officially acknowledged this feature and we have not heard from any internal sources, only from these third-party sources, we hope that the feature does go live soon.

If you have been wanting to migrate regions but have held off from doing so, it looks like the process may be about to get a lot easier. We will wait for Microsoft to confirm or deny the feature but as of now, these two independent sources unaffiliated with Microsoft have stated they have been told by the company that the feature will be launching soon.

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