Xbox One's Skype app can't enter snap mode for a video chat while gaming

It's one of the features that Microsoft showed off at the very first Xbox One press event back in May. At the time, the company showed how someone using the console could be playing a game or watching a movie and then receive a Skype call. As shown in the video above, the Skype app could enter snap mode on the right hand side, which meant that a person could take a video call while simultaneously playing a game or movie in the main window. (It's at the 5:50 mark).

Well, as it turns out, that part of the Skype Xbox One experience won't be ready for the console's Friday launch. The Next Web reports that the app will let people take a Skype audio call in the background while playing games or watching a video but the promised video snap mode to the right hand side of the screen is not functional yet.

There's no word on when this promised feature, and one of Microsoft's biggest selling points for the Skype Xbox One app, will be enabled. The article does say that there will be an update released for the app a few days after launch but aside from adding a way to use the Kinect camera to take a picture for a person's profile, it will just be for bug fixes.

The article also points out some other minor features that are not part of the Skype app yet on Xbox One, such as not being able to see which Skype contacts are online or offline. Again, many of these features are expected to be added in future updates.

Source; The Next Web

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