Xbox titles announced at X01 in France

Today, in France, the Xbox made it's debut in europe.

The event, called X01 and hosted by Xbox, provided more details on one of the most eagerly awaited video game launches ever. As green light rose into the sky and dry ice wafted over the crowd, European price, availability and planned shipment quantities were revealed, ending months of speculation by the Xbox faithful.

It's all about the games, and the range revealed at X01 demonstrated the large amount of support that Xbox enjoys from 3rd party developers, as well as a stellar line-up of 1st party games. In total there were 40 playable games at X01, with many more being announced for the first time or shown on video.

Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios announced his second Xbox-exclusive game, BC, an exciting new title being developed by Lionhead satellite Intrepid Games. In addition Molyneux ran a demonstration of his previously under-wraps Xbox RPG, Project Ego, in which players control a character who ages from childhood to death, whose skin tans from the sunlight over time, and with graphics and gameplay that take advantage of many of the advanced capabilities of Xbox. Both titles will be published by Microsoft Games.

Other games announced include :-

  • Electronic Arts: Announced and demonstrated an Xbox-exclusive version of F1 2002 which will include the new season's course and driver data
  • Activision: Announced and had a playable version of Wreckless, an Xbox-exclusive mission-based driving game
  • Tecmo: First European playable version of the highly anticipated and Xbox-exclusive fighting game Dead Or Alive 3
  • Sega: Debut of playable demos in Europe of Xbox firsts Jet Set Radio Future, GunValkyrie and Sega GT 2002
  • Eidos: Announced and demoed an Xbox version of Championship Manager, the highly successful football management game now on a console for the first time
  • Infogrames: Playable Atari title Transworld Surfing - the first unveiling of an Xbox game under the Atari brand
  • Ubi Soft: Announced Ghost Recon as an Xbox exclusive; first showing of Batman Vengeance and Rayman M on Xbox
  • THQ: First European playable version of the Xbox-exclusive motorcycle racer Moto GP
News source: CBS MarketWatch

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