XP Powertoys are final - No leak!

Thanks Anonymous for this update. The final version of the powertoys were finished last week and will show up on launch day, (October 25th). These have been kept under wraps and Neowin was unable to get them through the source that got us the earlier packages. We can reveal however the Powertoys that made it and those that were dropped.

The following toys were included:

  • Super Fast User Switcher

  • PowerToy Calculator

  • Alt-Tab replacement

  • Virtual Desktop Manager

  • Photo Toys

  • TweakUI

  • Command Window Here

  • Slideshow generator

  • Magnifier

  • HTML Generator

  • TimerShot

    Toys that didn't make it:

  • IE Find

  • Shell Player (Noooooooo! -ED)

  • Background Switcher


    TimerShot is a new toy that uses a USB camera to take pictures at specified intervals.

    No one (or at least the guy that posted this) is sure why Shell Player was dropped.

    IE Find was discontinued because the guy that wrote it moved to another development team

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