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Yoti lets you add your EU COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate to its app

A screenshot of the Yoti app with the EU COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

The identity company, Yoti, has announced that EU citizens can add their COVID-19 vaccination certificate to the Yoti app making it easier for people to prove they’ve been vaccinated when entering venues. The company believes certificates are vital to opening the world back up and said the feature has been highly requested by the Yoti community in recent months.

To make it harder to upload phoney documentation, Yoti first requires users to prove their identity with another document such as a passport, ID card, or driving license. Once Yoti is happy with that documentation, you’ll be able to add your COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Once it has been added, you can either show your QR code upon request or share it digitally to prove your status online.

For those worried about uploading sensitive documents to the app, you should be aware that your documents are stored very securely and you hold the encryption keys for the data so even if Yoti was hacked your details would be safe, you can read more on Yoti’s security setup on the Yoti website.

Once you’ve added your initial identity document to verify yourself, you can add your COVID-19 vaccination certificate on the ‘Personal details’ page of the Yoti app. When you want to enter a venue, open your vaccine certificate card on the ‘My Yoti’ page and show the QR code. The person checking codes will scan that QR code and let you through if everything checks out.

While not everybody agrees with these vaccination cards, they are a fact of life now in several countries. Being able to store your QR code in a secure app on your phone means you can leave the original document at home so you don’t have to risk losing it.

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