You can now see (and hear) Australian animals in AR on Google

Since last year, Google has been adding some augmented reality experiences to its search engine. The feature was initially shown off at Google I/O 2019 showing a great white shark in true-to-life scale, and earlier this year, the company partnered with Universal to add recreations of various dinosaurs, which can be seen in the real world through Google's search engine.

Now, the company is adding some current-day animals, this time with a focus on Australian wildlife. Now, users can search for any of eight animals that typically live in Australia - koala, kangaroo, quokka, wombat, platypus, emu, kookaburra, and echidna - and then tap "View in 3D" to see a model of the respective animal. Just like before, the model can then be placed in the real world thanks to augmented reality, and you can see it in motion or get close to it to see the smaller details.

The feature is supported on both Android and iOS, and you can use either your browser to access Google's mobile website, or use the Google app. Currently, only Android users can listen to the animals' sounds, but support for the capability is also coming to iOS soon. It's also possible to record or capture content with the animals, so you can share them with others.

With international travel not being terribly easy - or recommended - these days, this may be a fun way to get acquainted with Australian wildlife right now.

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