You can try out survival battle royale 'Darwin Project' this weekend

One of the most eye-catching games at Microsoft's E3 2017 briefing was The Darwin Project. We haven't heard too much about the game since, but the developer behind the game, Scavengers Studio, has been busy at work. Alongside dropping 'the' from its title, the game has seen multiple closed alphas and this is the first time anyone can experience it for themselves.

The open beta only lasts for a few days, unfortunately, starting this Friday and ending on Sunday, January 21 at midnight EST. Scavengers Studio also took to Mixer yesterday to showcase a few games and will be testing out new features over the weekend.

For example, the Show Director feature allows a player to take control of the entire match with a birds-eye view of the arena and a host of abilities that can make the lives of the combatants on the ground either much easier or much harder. Even more, people watching the match can bet on certain players in order to influence which players the Show Director helps and which of them he hinders, in the form of a new, rather unimaginatively-named feature called Live Spectator Interactions.

If you're interested in trying Scavengers' interesting blend of survival and battle royale, you can head over to the open beta's page on Steam to download it.

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