You'll be able to purchase an iPhone X at an Apple Store on November 3

We are a week away from the retail release of the iPhone X the company has confirmed that it will make the handset available at its retail locations on November 3.

This won't be simply to showcase the product at its demo stations but it will, in fact, make it available to purchase for those walking in on that Friday. The company didn't address how many units of each model it would have available, but if recent reports of a shortage are accurate, your chances of getting one might be slim to none. Apple is encouraging customers "to arrive early" for the best possible chance to purchase the coveted handset.

If you're not feeling the need to camp out in front of your local Apple store, you can also try your luck when pre-orders open on October 27. Last week, the firm started advertising that it would open its pre-approval process for the iPhone X through its Upgrade Program on October 23. If you're an iPhone Upgrade Program member, you'll want to start the process immediately to get the best possible chance of securing a unit when it becomes available.

Source: 9to5Mac | image via Apple

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