YouTube adds new video editing tools

Have you ever quickly uploaded a video to YouTube and then realize that you would like to change its look? Until today, you would have to edit the video with separate stand alone tools and then upload it again. Now YouTube has announced that it has added a series of editing tools that allow users to do some simple but important changes to a video, even after it is uploaded and in place.

One of the new features allows the user to stabilize the visual look of the video which comes in handy for people who upload handheld camera and video footage. The biggest new feature is being able to change the visual look of the video. The editing tools allow users to change the amount of fill light in the video along with the color intensity and color temperature. You can even put in a number of different special color effects, turning the video into black and white, giving it an old fashioned sepia tone and more. reports that YouTube's owners Google used another one of its subsidiaries, the image editing web site Picnik, to help put in the new image effects tools in the editor.

Once the user is happy with the change, the video can be saved with the new fixes and effects. The video will also stay in place with the same link, view count and comments. One catch: if the video gets over 1,000 views you can still edit it but all of the changes will have to be saved as a new video. The same goes for any video uploaded by users that's actually third party content like a game or movie trailer.

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