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30 August 2003
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Born In Newark, NJ, in the mid 1970's, I have literally been playing video games since the release of the Pong console in 1975. I have owned nearly every console that has been released since then, in addition to owning a Commodore 64 for gaming in the early 1980's. Graduating with a BFA in (traditional non-computer based) Illustration from Parsons School of Design NYC in 1996, it only took a few short years for me to realize that I needed to learn computer design in order to make a living in a rapidly changing design world.

It was at this time in life that my love for technology started to flourish. Just a few short years after purchasing my first "modern" computer, an Apple Power Macintosh 8600, I started building my own custom Windows based PC's to play video games on in addition to consoles. It was at this point in time that my interest for technology truly grew into something more than just a hobby. It was now a passion.

I have been a part of the staff here on Neowin for quite some time now as both a moderator and as a part of the news team. Thanks to Neowin, I have been able to visit places I never would have been otherwise. Two of my favorite highlights have been covering CES in Las Vegas fin 2009 and visiting the headquarters of Valve in Seattle in 2008.

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