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16 January 2006
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10" and 4G PlayBook photos leak

· · Hot! with 21 comments

Earlier today photos of a 10" PlayBook and a 4G-capable version of the current 7" PlayBook appeared on a Vietnamese forum. Is BlackBerry 10 OS ready? Make the jump to see a few pics of the tablet.


Opera Mini 5 beta released

· · Hot! with 5 comments

A few days ago Opera released Opera Mini 5 beta for public testing. Opera Mini is the most popular mobile phone browser and differs from other browsers in the way it delivers content to you....

OneCare Beta 1.5 just started

· · Hot! with -1 comments

Just got mail from the OneCare team! The Windows Live OneCare Beta (v1.5) Begins Today!You are invited to the Windows Live OneCare Beta! Please follow the instructions below to install the Windows Live OneCare...

Google SketchUp 5

· · Hot! with -1 comments

Google released a new version of SketchUp to the public. SketchUp is a simple but powerful tool for quickly and easily creating, viewing and modifying your 3D ideas. You can build almost anything in 3D...