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UniveRSS, A 3D RSS Reader from Microsoft for Windows Vista

In an email from MSDN Microsoft silently mentions the UniveRSS reader. After a look i actually was quite surprised. Microsoft took the RSS possibilities from IE7 and put them into a really stunning 3D interface! The application only works on Windows Vista and requires a Vista Premium Ready PC (With WDDM drivers).

UniveRSS is a 3D RSS feed reader for Windows Vista. It leverages the Windows Presentation Foundation and provides a stunning way of visualizing RSS feeds and their content. It introduces a full-screen 3D universe where galaxies represent the folders of your RSS feed directory, and the stars are represented by the spinning cubes that hold the feed information. Size and position of the feed cubes indicate how many unread items they contain.

You navigate through the feed galaxies in a game-like environment, freely moving in all three dimensions. Selecting items in lists will turn the cube to the next side displaying the item's content including images. Just click the right mouse buttons and you turn back to the list view or to the galaxy.

The RSS feed items are currently only manageable in the IE7 feed store.

Download UniveRSS for Windows Vista | 9KB
Product Website with screenshots
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