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Soltek SL-85DR2 i845E Motherboard Review

Tweakers Australia has just posted a review of the Soltek i845E based SL-85DR2 motherboard. Here's a snip:

As we touched on during the introduction, the most obvious and unique features of the layout would definitely have to be the silver PCB, which Soltek has creatively dubbed 'Silver Glacier'. Although the idea has been witnessed before, namely on Triplex's GeForce4 series of graphic cards, the concept not only looks good, but is said to help reduce surface temperatures. Whether or not this has any validly to it certainly goes undecided from my point of view, but indeed it certainly adds a bit of spice over traditional brown and green boards.

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View: Soltek SL-85DR2 i845E Motherboard Review @ Tweakers Australia

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