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Captura 8.0.0 Beta 1


Captura is an easy-to-use program that lets you record your onscreen activity. Captura records video, sound and pictures of anything you see on your screen. You can record your web cam sessions, favorite games, any software on your desktop, video displays on your screen, record audio of what you hear from your speakers. Use Captura to create training videos, presentations, screencasts, or any other task that requires capturing desktop activity. Captura can run unobtrusively while remaining minimized to the system tray. Record audio, cursor, mouse clicks and keystrokes. Captura is 100% free. You don't need to spend a penny.

Captura key features:

  • Take screenshots
  • Capture screencasts (Avi/Gif/Mp4)
  • Capture with/without , mouse cursor
  • Capture specific regions, screens or windows
  • Capture mouse clicks or keystrokes
  • Mix audio recorded from microphone and speaker output
  • Capture from webcam.
  • Can be used from command-line.

Captura 8.0 Beta 1 changelog:

  • Added option to Preview while recording.
  • fix: captura shot failing for fullscreen screenshots.
  • Separate colors for Right and Middle mouse click overlays.
  • Support for custom image overlays.
  • Stop Window capture when Window is closed.
  • fix: Mouse cursor position is wrong after moving region selector.
  • fix: Unable to resize Region Selector after stopping recording.
  • Duration is considered after Start Delay has elapsed.
  • Duration and Start Delay are stored in Settings.
  • Added option to use System Proxy.
  • fix: Mouse Cursor moves slowly when recording from Command-line
  • Webcam capture support from Command-line.
  • Added Chinese (Simplified) translation.
  • Overlay customization from UI is used in Console.
  • Desktop Duplication is supported with Variable Frame Rate Gif.
  • fix: Desktop Duplication recording does not crash when Screen enters non-recordable mode. e.g. Sign-in screen.
  • Option to resize FFMpeg output video size.
  • Option to Minimize to System Tray on Startup.
  • Option to Minimize to System Tray when Closed.
  • Option to display Mouse Pointer Overlay to make easier to track Mouse Pointer.
  • Add a Translator window to aid in translation. Can be opened from About tab.
  • More icons in the UI.
  • FFMpeg Log maintains multiple logs.
  • FFMpeg Log copies complete output to clipboard.
  • Added minimal mouse click animation.
  • Added option to trim Audio and Video.
  • Added option to crop images.
  • Added a minimal image editor.
  • Added a new ScreenShot target: Editor.
  • Added an option to playback recorded audio in real-time in Config | Extras.
  • Separate window to manage hotkeys with option to add, delete or edit action and keys.
  • Record and ScreenShot buttons on Region Selector.
  • Added Window picker and Screen picker which prompt for selector on starting recording or taking screenshot.
  • Added a separate window for managing overlays where overlays can be positioned by dragging on a canvas.
  • More than 2 audio sources can be simultaneously recorded.
  • Audio sources can be changed during recording. A checkbox next to the Audio heading determines whether audio will be recorded.
  • Multiple selectable Screenshot Save Locations.
  • Shows Error Message when bass.dll or bassmix.dll is not present.
  • Multiple Custom FFMpeg Codecs.
  • Display Licenses in a Window.
  • Added Japanese and Chinese (Simplified) translations.
  • Hide when Recording option is configured on Region Selector itself.
  • Refresh retains selected Audio/Video sources/codecs and Webcam.

Download: Captura 8.0.0 Beta 1 | Portable | ~2.0 MB (Open Source)
View: Captura Homepage

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