FrostWire 6.4.4

FrostWire, a BitTorrent client, is a collaborative effort from hundreds of Open Source and freelance developers from around the world. In late 2005, concerned developers of LimeWire's open source community announced the start of a new project fork "FrostWire" that would protect the developmental source code of the LimeWire client. The developers of FrostWire give high regard and respect to the GNU General Public License and consider it to be the ideal foundation of a creative and free enterprise market. FrostWire has evolved to replace LimeWire's BitTorrent core for that of Vuze, the Azureus BitTorrent Engine, and ultimately to remove the LimeWire's Gnutella core to become a 100% BitTorrent client that is simple to use.

FrostWire allows any individual to share his/her content to millions of people right from his/her computer without any cost thanks to the BitTorrent P2P network.

In Addition, every copy of FrostWire is a self-contained smart search engine that crawls not only the BitTorrent network - being able to find the rarest of files indexed by .torrent search engines, but also YouTube, SoundCloud and, providing users with the widest content selection possible. Users can preview files from cloud sources and play the files downloaded from the BitTorrent network often way before the transfers are complete.

The software now comes with a powerful Media Library that allows you to organize and find downloaded files on your computer, aggregates Internet radio stations and supports audio & video playback in the most popular audio formats today.

What's new in FrostWire 6.4.4 Build 215:

  • New "All Free Downloads" button on welcome screen lets users explore all previous FrostWire free and legal promoted downloads.
  • Fixes issue with YouTube search
  • Fixes issue with VPN detection for Mac/Linux after PIA/Express VPN updates.
  • Fixes issue with PIA VPN detection in Windows when advanced connection kill-switch enabled.
  • Fixes issue where the FrostWire update message wouldn't be shown until the next session.

Download: FrostWire 6.4.4 Build 215 | 23.1 MB (Open Source)
View: FrostWire Website | Other Operating Systems | Screenshot

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