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FxSound Enhancer

FxSound (formerly DFX Audio Enhancer / FxSound Enhancer) is an affordable audio enhancement and routing program designed for all PC sound systems, from average to audiophile. As automatic or customizable as you want, it utilizes the highest-grade processing to deliver more volume, better equalization, and a wider, deeper sound.

For the serious audiophiles, FxSound gives you the tools to adjust the FxSound Effects and EQ to your exact preferences. Turn FxSound on and immediately hear the difference in sound quality.

Our users are budget audiophiles, music lovers, gamers, transcriptionists, Netflix bingers, and more. Especially if you're using quiet laptop speakers or other low quality audio hardware, FxSound is the best free software to boost volume, bass, and sound quality. And no free EQ for Windows is easier to use than FxSound.

FxSound Is Now Completely Free and Unrestricted

FxSound Pro is now free for everyone, not just those who can afford it. Get free and unrestricted access to better sound today. FxSound is now entirely supported by users. Click here to donate to help fund continued development and improvements to FxSound.

Changes in FxSound

  • Added language support for Hungarian, Dutch, and Thai
  • Translation corrections for Vietnamese, Chinese, and Turkish
  • New icon
  • Notifications on Windows 11 can now be disabled in the OS settings
  • Fixed bug power consumption bug in sleep
  • Bug with NVDA screen reader fixed
  • Accessibility fixes for keyboard focus and hint text in preset save

Download: FxSound | 47.7 MB (Freeware)
View: FxSound Home Page | Release Announcement

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