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HandBrake 1.1.1


HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. Handbrake can process most common multimedia files and any DVD or BluRay sources that do not contain any kind of copy protection.

Here is a detailed breakdown of HandBrake’s features:

  • Built-in Device Presets—Get started with HandBrake in seconds by choosing a profile optimized for your device, or choose a universal profile for standard or high quality conversions. Simple, easy, fast. For those that want more choice, tweak many basic and advanced options to improve your encodes.
  • Supported Input Sources—Handbrake can process most common multimedia files and any DVD or Blu-ray sources that do not contain any kind of copy protection.


  • File Containers: .MP4(.M4V) and .MKV
  • Video Encoders: H.265 (x265 and QuickSync), H.264(x264 and QuickSync), H.265 MPEG-4 and MPEG-2, VP8 and Theora
  • Audio Encoders: AAC / HE-AAC, MP3, Flac, AC3, or Vorbis
  • Audio Pass-thru: AC-3, E-AC3, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD, AAC and MP3 tracks

Additional features:

  • Title/ Chapter Selection
  • Queue up Multiple Encodes
  • Chapter Markers
  • Subtitles (VobSub, Closed Captions CEA-608, SSA, SRT)
  • Constant Quality or Average BitRate Video Encoding
  • Support for VFR, CFR and VFR
  • Video Filters—Deinterlacing, Decomb, Detelecine, Deblock, Grayscale, Cropping and Scaling
  • Live Video Preview

HandBrake 1.1.1 changelog (all platforms):


  • Fixed a potential crash in the comb detection filter
  • Fixed a potential crash in the padding filter


  • Fixed decoding certain very high bit rate ultra-high definition sources with extra large packets
  • Fixed last frame in source video missing in output


  • Fixed crash when decoding an empty audio track

Build system

  • Updated mac-toolchain-build script Nasm url and improved curl parameters for robustness

Third-party libraries

  • Updated libraries (necessary to pull in needed bug fixes)
  • libvpx 1.7.0 (VP8/VP9 video encoding)
  • x264 155 r2901 (H.264/AVC video encoding)


  • Fixed Ubuntu PPA build date
  • Fixed a display issue with the quality slider control
  • Fixed issues occurring when running multiple HandBrake instances simultaneously
  • Updated Russian translation
  • Updated support for creating Flatpak bundles (experimental)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed corrupted output with VP8 and VP9 encoders
  • Fixed building x264 using Clang and -march=native/-mavx (thanks H. Gramner for the upstream patch)


  • Fixed issues with queue recovery when running multiple HandBrake instances simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue with a When Done action potentially causing the last queue item to be marked as a warning instead of success
  • Fixed burn-in behavior with MP4 files; after the first burn-in track, no additional tracks that require burn-in will be added
  • Improved window resize behavior for Add Selection to Queue dialog and allowed space bar to toggle checkbox for selected row
  • Improved tabbing behavior in various circumstances
  • Improved adding a new preset with the same name as an existing user preset; the existing preset will now be updated properly
  • Improved privacy by adding an option to disable the Summary tab preview image
  • Updated installer to block installation on 32-bit systems to avoid confusion (unsupported since 1.1.0)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Download: HandBrake 1.0.7 (32-bit) | 9.6 MB (Open Source)
Download: HandBrake 1.1.0 (64-bit) | Portable 64-bit
Links: HandBrake Website | Other Operating Systems | Screenshot

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