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HFS - HTTP File Server 0.45.0 / Classic 2.3m

HFS - HTTP File Server

HFS - HTTP File Server 2.3m (Classic)

Http File Server (HFS) is an easy to use drag and drop file server for personal file sharing. It runs as a standalone executable and does not require any installation. The program is very easy to use, just drag a file into it to share it with the world. You can customize the port it is running on, specify the IP address and monitor connections from the tray icon. HFS presents the shared files on a simple HTML page, that includes the file name and size. With some HTML knowledge, you can completely customize the HTML template to meet your preference. HFS can also integrate into Windows Explorer, allowing you to easily share files from the right-click menu.

HFS version 0.40.xx is a full rewrite of the Delphi version

  • It's a server software, share files fresh from your disk. Don't rely on services, be independent!
  • It's all very fast. Try download zipping 100GB, it starts immediately!
  • Easy to use. HFS tries to detect problems and suggest solutions.
  • Share even a single file with our virtual file system, even with a different name, all without touching the real file. Present things the way you want!
  • Watch all activities in real-time.
  • Control bandwidth, decide how much to give.


  • https
  • unicode
  • virtual file system
  • mobile friendly front-end
  • search
  • accounts
  • resumable downloads
  • download folders as zip archive
  • simple website serving
  • plug-ins
  • log file
  • speed throttler
  • admin web interface
  • virtual hosting (plug-in)
  • anti-brute-force (plug-in)

Why you should upgrade from HFS 2.x to 3

As you can see from the list of features, we already have some goods that you cannot find in HFS 2. Other than that, you can also consider:

  • it's more robust: it was designed to be an always-running server, while HFS 1-2 was designed for occasional usage (transfer and quit)
  • passwords are never really stored, just a non-reversible hash is
  • more flexible permissions

But you may still want to stay with HFS 2.x (so far) for the following reasons

  • smaller
  • more tested
  • classic window interface (can be easier for some people)

HFS - HTTP File Server v0.45.0 changelog:

  • admin/home: update button
  • added "get list" in folder menu #231
  • folder menu clicking on last breadcrumb
  • new languages: French, Portuguese
  • admin/fs: "propagate" option when "see" permission is set on a folder
  • netmask with CIDR now supports operators
  • several fixes and minor improvements
  • upload: "Skip existing files" option
  • zip now includes empty folders
  • session duration is now available in Admin/options page (env var method is now deprecated and will be removed in the future)
  • plugins: many new capabilities
  • several bugs fixed

Download: HFS 2.3m Build 300 | 2.1 MB (Open Source)
Download: HFS 0.45.0 | 16.4 MB
Links: HFS - HTTP File Server Home Page | Github | Screenshot

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