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HomeBank 5.4


HomeBank is a free software (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") that will assist you to manage your personal accounting. It is designed to easy to use and be able to analyse your personal finance and budget in detail using powerful filtering tools and beautiful charts. If you are looking for a completely free and easy application to manage your personal accounting, budget, finance then HomeBank should be the software of choice.

HomeBank also benefits of more than 19 years of user experience and feedback, and is translated by its users in around 56 languages.


  • Cross platform, supports GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
  • Import easily from Intuit Quicken, Microsoft Money or other software
  • Import bank account statements (OFX, QIF, CSV, QFX)
  • Duplicate transaction detection
  • Automatic cheque numbering
  • Various account types : Bank, Cash, Asset, Credit card, Liability
  • Scheduled transaction
  • Category split
  • Internal transfer
  • Month/Annual budget
  • Dynamic powerful reports with charts
  • Automatic category/payee assignment
  • Vehicule cost

HomeBank 5.4 changelog:

  • change: windows: upgraded to GTK+ 3.24.14
  • change: remove deprecated GtkAction/GtkUIManager for rep_balance
  • change: harmonization of dialog dimension with aspect ratio
  • change: split list column now follow same width rule than other list
  • change: updated the file statistics: added tags, currencies, template, scheduled
  • change: updated the welcome dialog: added icon, relayout, show next time checkbox
  • change: reworked and improved the new file assistant
  • change: prefixed template created from the register
  • wish : #1861759 search "Manage Accounts"
  • wish : #1861432 merge tags
  • wish : #1860905 sort by amount in budget report
  • wish : #1851733 Reports/Vehicle Cost Report filtered dropdown
  • wish : #1851729 multi line scheduled post
  • wish : #1851718 popup menu on transaction list
  • wish : #1847907 add reconcile data when export as CSV
  • wish : #1829597 view split transaction detail from the register (expand or other)
  • wish : #1810621 mass prefill assignment from the register
  • bugfix: double click on scheduled list total line was faulty reactive
  • bugfix: delete tag was partially working
  • bugfix: your accounts list was not refreshed after new file or import
  • bugfix: #1870476 typo: Your
  • bugfix: #1870433 default backup path folder not initialized with wallet folder
  • bugfix: #1869727 typo: assigment
  • bugfix: #1868185 search not finding amounts with more than 3 digits dollar amount
  • bugfix: #1867392 delete tooltip not translated in scheduled/template dialog
  • bugfix: #1865361 txn dialog template list switch sort order on each save
  • bugfix: #1865083 when moving a transaction a 'changed' icon isn't displayed against the 'from' account
  • bugfix: #1864176 'Restore backup' doesn't open default backup folder
  • bugfix: #1864089 missing icons for "Case sensitive" and "Regular expression in the assignment dialog
  • bugfix: #1863484 scheduled 'stop after' cannot be removed
  • bugfix: #1862769 manage schedule/template and quicksearch behavior
  • bugfix: #1862677 add and keep FROM register reset the date
  • bugfix: #1862540 win: currency symbol detection fail leads to crash
  • bugfix: #1862436 win: incorrect display of russian ruble currency symbol
  • bugfix: #1858675 import/export budget mixup if subcategory has same name

Download: HomeBank 5.4 | 17.4 MB (Open Source)
Download: 3rd party packages (macOSX. Ubuntu...etc)
View: HomeBank Website | Support | Features

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