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OnlyOffice 8.0.1


OnlyOffice Desktop Editors is an open-source office suite distributed under AGPL v.3 that combines text, spreadsheet and presentation editors allowing to create, view and edit documents stored on your computer. The application does not require constant connection to the Internet and allows you to create, edit, save and export text, spreadsheet and presentation documents. It is fully compatible with Office Open XML formats: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx.

One pack - three editors - multiple features

  • Create, view and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations of any size and complexity. Work on documents of most popular formats: DOCX, ODT, XLSX, ODS, CSV, PPTX, ODP, etc. Deal with multiple files within one and the same window thanks to the tab-based user interface. Highest compatibility with Microsoft Office formats.

Real-time collaboration within your favorite cloud

  • Connect ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to the cloud platform of your choice: ONLYOFFICE, Nextcloud or ownCloud to collaborate on documents with your team – co-edit in real time, review, comment and interact using chat.

Extending your editing capabilities

  • Take the most of your editing with the collection of third-party plugins. Insert a YouTube video, add special symbols or a ClipArt object, automatically translate any word or sentence, highlight code, etc. Do even more! Create your own plugin using the API documentation and ready-to-use examples available on GitHub.

ONLYOFFICE DesktopEditors 8.0.1 changelog:


  • Significantly increased the speed of unpacking the update package through the built-in update service for future releases (Windows)
  • Fixed the table alignment on a page after printing
  • Renamed the form template creation button to PDF Form
  • Changed the font family for Arabic language on the application main page
  • Fixed the Open Document dialog window language if the Arabic interface is set in the system
  • Fixed changing the text direction in the User Name field when changing the keyboard layout if the RTL UI is enabled
  • The RTL UI mode is hidden on Windows XP
  • Fixed applying a password when opening local files on Windows XP
  • Fixed the translation in the drop-down lists of options for the 'Disabled' state in the application settings
  • Fixed the description of the DOCX format in the Save As dialog

Document Editor

  • Fix crash when clicking comment inside a math equation
  • Fix crash when using the Insert caption feature with the Include chapter number option
  • Fix crash when inserting a copied image using Ctrl
  • Fix a problem with rendering collaboration highlight
  • Fix an issue with highlighting searching results in some DOCX files
  • Fix display of highlighting a comment added to RTL text
  • Fix text label for Table of Contents in the RTL UI
  • Fix an issue with shaping text with different direction (RTL and LTR)
  • Improve the calculation of the cursor position in case when it is between text with different directions (RTL and LTR)
  • Fix an issue with correction of a text selection when passing through a complex field
  • Fix an issue with calculating the current cursor position while selecting elements in table
  • Fix selection for the hidden part of complex fields
  • Fix an issue with selection draw and cursor positioning in complex fields
  • Fix position of diacritics when typing in Arabic
  • Hide non-printing characters in header/footer label
  • Decrease the height of the header/footer label

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Fix stopping work of the editor when exporting some XLSX files to PNG/JPEG
  • Fix display of the DBNum1 number format when opening some XLSX files
  • Fix display of the Currency format when exporting some XLSX to ODS and reopening
  • Fix appearing artifacts when inserting an image via Drag-n-Drop and moving it
  • Fix saving the current sheet only when exporting a work book to PNG/JPEG
  • Fix display of the #REF! error when adding the VLOOKUP formula with an argument which is a reference to another file

Presentation Editor

  • Fix stopping work of the editor when opening some PPTX files
  • Fixed the app crash when pressing the Command + , keyboard shortcut in Presenter View (macOS)
  • Fixed closing the application when opening a local presentation in its own window mode and launching the Presenter View


  • Fix crash when expanding the Date field in the forms edited in third-party editors
  • Fix closing a drop-down list in some PDF forms with the Turn on screen reader support option enabled
  • Change the default date-time format for a DatePicker form

PDF Editor

  • Fix crash when opening some DjVu files
  • Fix annotations offset when exporting to PDF
  • Fix the color of the worksheet borders with the light interface theme


  • Fixed the vulnerability in 'PIVOTVIEW::loadContent' method when converting XLS to XLSX
  • Fixed the vulnerability in 'GlobalsSubstream::UpdateXti()' method when converting XLS to XLSX
  • Fixed the vulnerability in 'ChartSheetSubstream::recalc' method when converting XLS to XLSX
  • Fixed the vulnerability which leads to buffer overflow when converting ODP to PPTX
  • Fixed the vulnerability which allows adding a third party file to a document while converting HTML to DOCX
  • Fixed the ability to execute the PowerShell commands when converting DOC to PDF


  • Fixed files corruption after converting some ODT files to DOCX
  • Fixed adding the excess 'Default Extension="docxf" parameter when converting DOCXF to DOCX
  • Fixed display of a date as a number when opening some XLS files
  • Fixed losing contents of the cell with an added comment after exporting to ODS
  • Fixed files corruption after converting some DOC files to DOCX
  • Fixed document appearance in another editors after export some DOCX files
  • Fixed data loss when converting some DOC to DOCX
  • Fixed stopping work of some XLS to CSV conversion
  • Fixed files corruption after converting some ODS files to XLSX
  • Fixed data loss on opening some TXT files
  • Fixed files corruption after converting some XLSB files to XLSX

Download: OnlyOffice 64-bit | 209.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: OnlyOffice 32-bit | 188.0 MB
Download: Windows XP 64-bit | 399.0 MB
Download: Windows XP 32-bit | 389.0 MB
View: OnlyOffice Website | Screenshots

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