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Sublime Text 4 Build 4166

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a cross-platform source code editor. It natively supports many programming languages and markup languages, and its functionality can be extended by users with plugins, typically community-built and maintained under free-software licenses. Sublime Text is built from custom components, providing for unmatched responsiveness. From a powerful, custom cross-platform UI toolkit, to an unmatched syntax highlighting engine, Sublime Text sets the bar for performance. Sublime Text is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Sublime Text 4 Build 4166 changelog:

  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Index collation is now done incrementally
  • Fixed an issue where animations were causing excessive redraws
  • Find in files now truncates long lines according to the "find_in_files_context_characters" setting
  • Fixed auto-complete not suggesting tokens from the current line
  • Added Mouse Bindings to the Preferences menu
  • Added Preferences > Font > Choose… for an easy way to select a font
  • Added Copy Path to Sidebar context menu
  • Fixed minimap border not rendering
  • Fixed color emoji blending with transparency
  • Fixed line-number alignment when using a variable-width font
  • Fixed double-clicking a find in file result sometimes scrolling to the wrong line in the file
  • Fixed case where opening a file from Sublime Merge wouldn't jump to the right line
  • Improved bookmark toggling
  • Improved performance of "Definitions" popup
  • Improved Join Lines behavior
  • Improved behavior of Indent command on empty lines
  • Added "ruler_width" setting
  • Added "current_result" command
  • Fixed case conversions not taking all-caps into account
  • Fixed an auto-indent issue
  • Fixed an issue with find_under_expand when the find panel is focused
  • Fixed disabling "highlight_gutter" resulting in "highlight_line" being disabled
  • Fixed some incorrect behavior when converting a multi-line selection to Title Case
  • Fixed a memory corruption bug related to block carets
  • Fixed Quick Switch Project… from the settings window closing the window
  • Fixed "move_to_limit_on_up_down" setting not working
  • Shift+Enter now also hides the incremental find panel
  • Fixed macro recording in Vintage package not working
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1v
  • Fixed run_syntax_tests command not running symbol tests
  • API: Added sublime.choose_font_dialog
  • API: Allow case-insensitive comments using TM_COMMENT_CASE_INSENSITIVE
  • API: Fixed instability related to overlapping API calls
  • API: Fixed crash when an edit token is passed to the wrong view
  • API: Fixed some issues related to plugin initialization
  • API: ListInputHandler now supports initial_selection
  • API: Fixed ListInputHandler not selecting the first result when initial_text is provided
  • API: Added update_text option to sublime.encode_value
  • API: Fixed expand_to_paragraph in incorrectly unpacking tuple
  • Linux: Improved tracking of fullscreen state
  • Linux: Fixed some memory leaks related to fonts
  • Linux: Fixed "ui_scale" setting not being applied to fonts correctly in some cases
  • Windows: Added CRLF handling for text drag and drop
  • Windows: Fixed wrong font extents causing glyphs to be cut off at the top
  • Windows: Fixed caret movement across phantoms when using fractional scaling
  • Mac: Improved animation frame timing
  • Mac: Implemented window cascading
  • Mac: Recent files are now cleared when "update_system_recent_files" is disabled
  • Mac: Fixed Copy as HTML not working
  • Mac: Fixed subl not always finding the correct application bundle
  • Mac: Fixed "regex_auto_escape" not working

Download: Sublime Text 4 Build 4166 | Portable | ~30.0 MB (Shareware)
Links: Sublime Text Home Page | Other Operating Systems

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