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Microsoft 365 Backup For Dummies - Free Download

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Microsoft 365 Backup For Dummies, Veeam Special Edition, addresses the data security challenges organizations face in today’s computing landscape by outlining the out-of-the-box security features in Office 365 and uncovering the gaps that require action to achieve an effective backup and recovery strategy.

It explains the gamechanging functionalities in Microsoft 365 to drive productivity while tackling the repercussions of data loss either intentionally or accidentally.

If you are an IT professional whose goal is ensuring business continuity through successful recoveries from data loss, this book serves as one of the critical inputs toward that goal.

A business owner or decision-maker with a keen interest in data protection will gain an understanding of who does what in the era of cloud provider/cloud consumer ecosystems.

An end-user who wants to stay productive will find tips to avoid the pitfalls of data loss. Regardless of your role in the organization, if you are using Microsoft 365, this book is a valuable read to optimize your investment in the technology.

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Microsoft 365 Backup For Dummies - Free Download
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