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Get the 25 Course for $25 Web Development Mega Bundle

25 Course for 25 Web Development Mega Bundle

Today's highlighted deal comes via our Online Courses section of the Neowin Deals store where you can save 98% off this 25 Course for $25 Web Development Mega Bundle. All 25 courses for $1 each! Kickstart your career in web development and gain the fundamental expertise on AWS, Azure, CSS, HTML, Java, Python, and a lot more.

This bundle consists of the following courses:

  1. AWS Deployment for Node.js Applications
    Deploy your Node.js Apps to the Amazon Web Service & Make Them Accessible Online
  2. Intro to MongoDB
    Get Acquainted with MongoDB & Discover How to Manage Data Like a Pro
  3. Intro to Next.js
    Get Started With a Minimalist Framework for Building Static, Server-Rendered React Apps
  4. Intro to RPG Development with Phaser
    Craft the Beginning of Your RPG by Learning the Basics in the Popular Phaser 3 HTML5 Framework
  5. JavaScript Foundations
    Learn JavaScript for Web & HTML5 Game Development
  6. Language Recognition AI with Unity & Azure
    Create a Vocal Recognition App by Using the Microsoft Cognitive Services
  7. Node.js & Express for Beginners
    Master the Basics of the JavaScript Runtime Node.js & Express Framework to Build Your Own APIs for Web Apps, Multiplayer Games, and More
  8. Node.js For Beginners: Create Server-Side Apps with JavaScript
    Build Fast Web Apps by Learning Node.js, the Server-Side Solution for JavaScript
  9. Python Foundations
    Learn the Foundations of Python for Data Science & Machine Learning
  10. Responsive Web Design for Beginners
    Master the Fundamentals of CSS & Create Responsive Websites for Any Screen Size
  11. The Complete Beginners JavaScript Course
    Begin Your Journey Into JavaScript by Studying the Basics & Mastering How to Use the Principles in Your Own Projects
  12. Intro to Bootstrap
    Learn Bootstrap, the Secret to Quickly Creating Professional & Attractive Websites + Web Apps
  13. Intermediate SQL: Create & Alter Databases
    Define Your Own Database from Scratch & Understand How to Apply It to Your Own Projects
  14. HTML5 Game Development for Beginners with Phaser
    Take a Hands-on Approach to Learning the Basics of Game Development with Phaser 3
  15. Azure Deployment for Node.js Applications
    Discover How to Deploy Node.js Apps to Microsoft Azure & Make Them Accessible Online
  16. Beginning SQL: Store & Query Your Data
    Learn the Basics of SQLite & Start Sorting and Querying Your Data Like a Pro
  17. Build JavaScript Applications with Vue.js
    Master the Fundamentals of the Vue.js Framework & Build Scalable Applications with Organized, Easy-to-Read JavaScript
  18. Create Interactive Pages with Javascript & the DOM API
    Explore the DOM API, HTML5, & Advanced JavaScript Concepts by Building 3 Projects
  19. CSS Flexbox for Beginners
    Build Responsive Websites for Any Device Using CSS Flexbox
  20. CSS Foundations
    Enhance Website Aesthetics & Designs with the Style Sheet Language CSS
  21. Discover jQuery: Create Interactive Websites
    Gain the Tools & Skills Needed to Create Rich, Successful, and Professional-Grade Web Applications with jQuery
  22. Discover React for Web Applications
    Dive Into the UI-Oriented, JavaScript Library React to Create Data-Rich Web Apps with Complex UI Needs
  23. Git & Github: Version Control and Collaboration
    Discover How to Use Version Control to Keep a Clean History of Your Project & To Collaborate with Teams
  24. HTML & CSS
    Learn HTML & CSS from Scratch by Creating a Responsive Landing Page
  25. WebVR for Beginners: Build VR Websites with A-Frame
    Create VR Websites from Scratch!

Here's the deal:

This 25 Course for $25 Web Development Mega Bundle normally costs $2,475 but it can be yours for just $25 for a limited time, that's a saving of $2,450 (98%) off the price. For a full description, specs, and instructor info please click the link below.

Get the 25 Course for $25 Web Development Mega Bundle

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