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Pay What You Want for the Mighty 2021 MBA Hacker Bundle


Today's highlighted offer comes via our Online Courses section of the Neowin Deals store, where for a limited time you can Pay What You Want for the Mighty 2021 MBA Hacker Bundle. Kickstart your business education online with 39+ hours of content on marketing, accounting, finance and more!

Unlock the following eBooks with a bid over the average price:

  • MBA Short Course On Strategy
    An Overview on Strategy, Its Different Levels, Roles, & More

  • Introduction to Business Accounting
    Learn About the Professional Bookkeeper's Career Responsibilities

  • First Steps Into Management Accounting
    Become Familiar with the Basic Concepts of Management Accounting in a Very Easy, Simple & Interesting Way

  • Lean Process Management & Leadership Skills Masterclass
    Further Your Managerial Career with Core Leadership & People Skills

  • Management Masterclass: Essential Coaching & Communication
    Management Coaching & Communication Skills for Better Performance and Excellence

  • Innovation & Change Management
    Directly Lead Your Business Towards Efficiency & Higher Competitive Advantage

  • Corporate Leadership & People Management
    Lead a Vision, Mission & Strategy Workshop with Your Team to Motivate Them

  • Create a No-Nonsense & No-MBA-Needed Marketing Plan
    Get You & Your People on Track Doing the Right Marketing Tasks at the Right Time

  • History Of Corporate Finance In A Nutshell
    Learn the Basics History of Corporate Finance & Economics, Hostile Takeover, and Market Efficiency and Risk

or Pay What You Want for the unlocked eBook:

  • Basics of Accounting
    Understand Basic Accounting Terms, Concepts, & Topics

  • Strategic Marketing Course
    Develop a Marketing Strategy as a Manager

What's the benefit:

  • The bundle represents an overall retail value of $2,189.
  • To unlock the full bundle is under $4 at the time of writing.
  • Bid the average price or over and you'll take home the entire bundle.
  • Beat the Leader's price and get entered into the epic giveaway!

Pay What You Want for The Mighty MBA Hacker Bundle

Not for you?

That's OK, there are other deals on offer you can check out here.

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