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Firefox Tweak Guide

Microsoft has reigned the browser market for a long time, ever since it took the original Netscape browser out of the picture; there has been no competitor able to keep up with Internet Explorer. Unfortunately for end users however, the software giant has been sitting duck for about half of its lifetime, adding almost no new features since IE 6 was introduced in 2001, and until very recently, barely keeping up with security holes found in its browser.

Just as Linux is to Windows, Mozilla's open-source Firefox is to Internet Explorer. The fact is, although IE is still the top used browser, Firefox is by far the best out there (Opera is fantastic, too, just not completely free).

TechSpot's Firefox tweak guide covers every functionality aspect found in this great browser, from the very basic appearance and menu options, to advanced customizations in Firefox's behaviour such as caching, net connection handling, plug-ins and web page rendering. Also make sure not to miss Firefox's extensions top 10 recommendation list.

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