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2 Hardware reviews. Case Mod & P4 Cooling

Here are 2 hardware reviews for your reading pleasure sent in by the respective sites webmasters.

CDI Antec Alaska Fully Modded & Airbrushed Review & Interview

Computers Divine, possibly a company some of you are familiar with, have been on the case modding scene since its conception. The company started in early 1996 with a range of painted computers for people who were bored with the "beige box" that all PCs were sporting at that time. Snip:

If you are into the Case modding scene, you certainly don't want to miss this review of the exclusive Ascully.com fully modded case by Computers Divine, and as a bonus we are interviewing Ceo Roman Leal about the company. Computers Divine are the founders of the case modding scene, this is not to be missed!!

View: CDI Antec Alaska Fully Modded & Airbrushed Review & Interview @ Ascully.com

10-Way P4 Cooler Roundup

Tweakers Australia has just added 5 new socket 478 coolers to the roundup, bringing the total to 10! This time we check out coolers from Zalman, Bitspower, Arkua and Sibak. Once again, we do our very own tests using special acoustic and temperature recording equipment. Here's a snip:

If you own a Socket 478 Pentium 4, you may have already noticed that the cooler you got with the CPU is barely audible - even more so if you made the transition from an AMD based system. The main reason behind this is because nearly all P4 coolers work a whole lot better than most of their Socket A counterparts, simply because their bigger, and capable of tackling larger fans that can push more cubic feet of air per minute through a larger array of fins on the heatsink. The surface temperature of the P4 may very well get just as hot as the AMD processors, but the heatsinks efficiency is improved by a larger contact patch on the P4 as opposed to the tiny 10x10mm patch on the XP. The Intel Pentium 4 also features an inbuilt speed-throttling device that will slow the overall speed down a notch to help it cool.

View: 10-Way P4 Cooler Roundup @ Tweakers Australia

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