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Active Virus Shield

Active Virus Shield is a free anti-virus program for your PC that will combine traditional antivirus programs, stopping them before infecting your computer. Active Virus Shield is brought to you as a free service of AOL and is based on Kaspersky Lab's award winning Personal Anti-Virus. Active Virus Shield seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems and is compatible with other PC protection programs (firewalls, anti-spyware, etc.). Like other anti-virus programs, using Active Virus Shield may require that you uninstall other anti-virus programs to avoid product incompatibilities. Highly Effective Antivirus Protection. Active Virus Shield utilizes the latest technology to do both traditional signature-based detection, as well as in-depth scanning of executables. This helps protect against a broader range of known and new viruses, reducing the chances of a virus infection on the user's computer.

Here are some key features of Active Virus Shield:

- Real-Time File Protection. All individual files, catalogs and disks can be scanned for viruses or, to cut down on scan times, Active Virus Shield allows users to focus attention only on critical areas of the operating system. In either case, Active Virus Shield serves as a watch-dog, continuously monitoring and helping to protect files. Active Virus Shield can also scan faster by scanning only new and changed files.
- Email Protection. Active Virus Shield supports most e-mail clients (e.g POP3, IMAP or NNTP) to scan incoming email and SMTP protocol to scan outgoing mail. For popular mail programs, like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express, plug-ins and routines for treatment of viruses in email databases are also available.
- Automatic Hourly Updates. Active Virus Shield checks for available updates every hour which helps to ensure the product is up to date with the latest features and virus signatures
- Simple And Easy To Use. Active Virus Shield can be installed and set up in a matter of minutes, and the context sensitive help enables users to understand the finer points of the application's settings. Moreover, the program regularly notifies users of its current protection status and gives recommendations for dealing with difficult situations.
- Runs Without Slowing Down Computer. Active Virus Shield utilizes sophisticated technology to optimally share processing power with other applications, allowing users to continue other tasks while scanning for viruses with little impact on the speed of their computer. During times of increased user activity, Active Virus Shield gives more resources and computer processing power to the user to ensure that virus scans do not slow down other activities.
- Small Frequent Updates. Download updates are relatively small (usually 10 Kbs or less) and ensure that the software is quickly updated with the most current virus information. Active Virus Shield can check for available updates every hour which helps to ensure the product is up to date with the latest features and virus signatures
- Optimized For Laptops. Active Virus Shield offers a number of advantages for users of laptops based on Intel Centrino mobile technology. The program has also been optimized for use on computers with Intel processors that support HT technology.

Active Virus Shield Feature Summary:

- New Threat Response Time of up to 2 hours
- Real-Time Protection
- On-Demand and Scheduled Scanning
- Disinfects Files in Archives (ZIP, ARJ, CAB, RAR, LHA)
- Option to Scan Only New And Modified Files
- Harmful Program Blocking And Removal
- Disinfect SMTP, IMAP4 & POP3 Email
- Variable Scan Speed
- Help Prevent Slowdown During Increased Computer Usage Periods
- Support Power Saving for Laptops
- Support Microsoft Windows XP x64

What's New in This Release:

- supports Windows Vista.

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