AdDuplex Report: Lumia 630 is winning and three new Lumias show up

Every month our good friends over at AdDuplex put out a report that lets us check in with the overall health of the Windows Phone ecosystem. This month’s report shows a continuation of the previous trends and also unveils three new, currently unannounced, Microsoft Lumia devices. But before we get to those let’s look at some numbers first.

The big news is that Windows Phone 8.1 now accounts for more than half of all Windows Phones out there. And combining this with the upgradeable Windows Phone 8.0 it now totals 84% of the ecosystem.

Looking at manufacturers and devices themselves, we’re not surprised to see a similar distribution to the one we’ve seen in previous months. While Microsoft still accounts for 95% of all devices, the “Other” section of the market is getting increasingly crowded with new manufacturers showing up.

The same thing can be said about devices, where the low-end Lumias still dominate, especially the new 630/635 which is gaining ground quickly, but where the “other” category has broken the 30% mark and the diversity of devices is constantly increasing.

This is all good news for Microsoft’s platform and with the Lumia 630/635 looking set to recreate the 520’s success, the OS manufacturer might have a really good holiday season coming up.

New Devices

As for the new devices there’s a bunch of them, though you might want to remain calm and not get too excited just yet.

  • Microsoft RM 1069/1070/1071 – seems to be a low end handset with a 4-inch screen, 480x800 resolution and found mainly in Asia; obviously aimed at developing markets.
  • Microsoft RM 1072/1075 – a mid-range device with a 5” 720p screen, apparently found in Finland. Could be a simple test device or some other prototype, though it might also be a real unannounced handset
  • Microsoft RM 1078 – curious device with an unknown screen size and 480x854 resolution apparently appearing exclusively on Sprint in the US. Once again could be a test dummy, or it could even be a custom version of the RM 1070 mentioned above.
  • Microsoft RM 1062/1063/1064/1065 – a 5.7-inch screen with 720p resolution points towards a mid-range phablet with a global launch. This is very likely the long-rumored and occasionally seen Lumia 1330.

You can check out the full report tomorrow on the AdDuplex blog.

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