Adobe turns its back on Mac again

Adobe Systems announced on Tuesday that it plans to drop the Mac version of FrameMaker, the latest sign of eroding support for the Apple Computer operating system.

The San Jose, Calif. company said it will stop selling the Mac edition of FrameMaker, a set of print and electronic publishing tools commonly used to create complex documents such as technical manuals, as of April 21. It will continue to support the Mac version for one year after that. Sales of the Mac version of FrameMaker were too low to justify continued development, Adobe said in a statement. The application will continue to be available for Windows and for Sun Microsystems' Solaris version of Unix.

"The decision to discontinue the Mac version was primarily based on market conditions," said Tony Yun, Adobe product manager. "The majority has been on Windows and Solaris for a while--that's kind of been the trend." Yun noted that the current version of FrameMaker is for Mac OS 9, and it would have been particularly expensive to develop an OS X-native version of the application. The decision is the latest in a series of snubs against the Apple operating system, long favored by the "creative professionals" who comprise one of Adobe's core audiences. Adobe skipped Mac users in several recent releases, including its Atmosphere 3D graphics application, for which the company declared the Mac market would be too small.

News source: C|Net

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