AMD-Intel fans sock it out over fastest machine

AT COMDEX I was at a party in the Bellagio's penthouse suite, and for a brief moment, I found myself standing between the people claiming the fastest PCs in existence, one an Intel P4, the other an AMD64. Due to the scoring system in the social rankings, I would have gotten no bonuses getting these two to fight, the difficulty modifier would be too low. The P4 box was being touted as the fastest PC in the world.

Well, that crown has changed hands this week, with the AMD system taking the crown in the latest round. The 3Dmark2001 database prevented the scores from going live for a bit, it seems the software will not accept a score over 30,000.

Once that glitch was fixed, OPPainter of can claim his crown over the P4-EE of FUGGER. With the 30K barrier broken, how long will it be long before 35 and 40K are old news? Prescott can't come fast enough for these guys.

View: AMD FX51 Results @ 3DMark

News source: The Inq

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