AMD to intro 2400+, 2600+ on 21st

A shocked silence greeted the INQUIRER this morning when we asked AMD UK to either confirm or deny it was introducing its 2400+ and 2600+ Athlon XPs on the 21st of August next.

Whole seconds later, AMD said it never commented on unannounced products.

System integrators close to AMD in Taipei suggest that the 2600+ has a raw MHz speed of 2.133GHz, while the 2400+ clocks 2GHz.

But, nevertheless, neither of these chipolatas has a 333MHz front side bus (FSB), although we do know for a fact that the little gnomes in the back room are tapping away at such a system as we write this.

In fact, leprechauns close to those gnomes say that AMD will eventually migrate the 333MHz FSB to all of them thar Athlon XPs eventually.

News source: The Inquirer

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