Among Us is coming to the Nintendo Switch today

Today, Nintendo held a 15-minute-long Indie World presentation, highlighting a number of games from independent developers coming to the Nintendo Switch. While many games were revealed for later dates, three games were announced for a release today, including the wildly popular Among Us.

If you've somehow missed the Among Us craze in the past few months, it's a multiplayer title where a group of players tries to collaborate on various tasks around a spaceship. However, one of the members of the crew is an impostor, and the other players need to figure out who. The title has seen huge popularity in 2020 despite its 2018 release, and it was previously only available for PC and mobile devices.

The other two games launching today are Calico, a cartoon-looking simulation game where players run a cat café, bringing in furniture and decorations to make it more attractive to the feline customers. The other game is Grindstone, a puzzle battle game where players need to chain attacks against enemies to get as high a combo as possible, which then unlocks more items that make it easier to progress through the game.

Many more games were revealed for the Nintendo Switch during the event, including the launch of Spelunky and Spelunky 2 in the summer of 2021, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, a game from the creators of Monument Valley coming in Spring 2021, and Cyber Shadow, an 8-bit platformer published by Yacht Club Games, known for their work on Shovel Knight, which is coming on January 26. You can watch the full presentation here.

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