Analysts: Apple and Samsung account for 100% of smartphone industry profits

We all know Samsung and Apple are the big dogs when it comes to selling lots of phones but nobody is saying they are the only players in the field. At least nobody besides the analysts at Cannacord Genuity.

According to their research, Apple and Samsung account for 100% of the profits generated by the smartphone industry in last quarter. Of course that's only in terms of manufacturing and selling devices; It doesn't take into account the carriers, retail stores, software developers and all the other folks involved in the smartphone ecosystems of today.

This doesn't really sit well with actual numbers from "reality" that show some other companies are making a profit, but these ancient astronaut theorists analysts also note that this an improvement compared to previous years when the two companies somehow accounted for more than 100% thanks to loses at competing companies such as Nokia and HTC.

According to Cannacord, Apple accounts for 57% of profits this past quarter while Samsung is now at 43%. Apple had previously accounted for 72 percentage points but Samsung is gaining fast as previous reports have already suggested.

Source: Cnet  | Image via Neowin/Tim Schiesser

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