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Anonymous takes credit card info from SpecialForces.com

The hacker group Anonymous seems to be busy conducting a new series of cyber attacks, or at least taking credit for attacks that were made in the past. A few days ago it took credit for accessing the servers of a security think tank, Stratfor, where it took a large number of credit card numbers. Now the New York Times reports that the group has announced it has taken credit for another attack, but this one took place last August.

The victim was SpecialForces.com, a web site that sells military themed items with part of the sale proceeds going to charity. Anonymous claimed it took credit card info as well as passwords and other personal info from the company's web server. In a statement, SpecialForces.com does admit to the cyber attack but added that there have been no security breaches since August. It states that "we believe that the recent Stratfor incident is being used to bring this old news back into the spotlight."

IdentityFinder claims that Anonymous stole 7,277 unique credit card numbers from SpecialForces.com along with 36,368 usernames and passwords. Anonymous says it plans to continue its "week long celebration of wreaking utter havoc on global financial systems, militaries and governments," so we can expect even more announcements from the hacker group.

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