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Anonymous wants December 11th to be 'Isis trolling day'

Anonymous, the on and offline hacktivist movement, is declaring December the 11th to be “Isis trolling day”. This is part of the movement’s ongoing effort to disrupt and discredit the terrorist’s organizations online presence.

The hacktivist group declared war on ISIS after the Paris attacks that took place last month. Since then, Anonymous has supposedly taken down thousands of Twitter and social media accounts used by the terrorists, disrupted their primary communications platform, and replaced one of their websites with a Viagra ad.

Now the group wants to once again attack the ideas that the terrorist organization is trying to spread online, by ridiculing them with photoshopped images, reporting social media accounts to the authorities and getting the hastag #daeshbags trending on Twitter.

Anonymous also wants to get the movement to happen outside of the digital world, and is instructing those who want to partake to spread the same images, jokes and attitudes in the real world by printing them.

Whether this has any real impact at the end of the day remains to be seen, but free speech and ridicule can be powerful tools when fighting a war of ideas.

Source: Ghostbin via: Lowyat |Image via Shmong.com

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