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Another Milestone for Neowin at 7

Neowin became seven years old on October 1st. I blogged about it briefly on the 29th and said pretty much all of what I wanted to say on the day so I didn't post about it on the 1st. Today however I have reached another milestone.. From today I have lived in Holland for 16 years, Neowin is seven, still thriving and we have an important question to ask the community.

A lot of our members came here on the back of the continuing coverage we gave on Windows XP prior to its release, mainly due to the information we were getting and other websites weren't, luckily for us many of those members are still with us today that date as far back as 2001. Now a days we share a partnership with Microsoft as a Featured Community which allows us to bring you news straight from Redmond, and Microsoft has become much more open on its direction and disclosure with information on forthcoming releases and betas.

We are constantly trying to bring our community new ideas and features and our latest idea is to bring to Neowin what many other communities already excel in and Neowin lacks, our own downloads section. The software news will be changed into a complete downloads area complete with full index of categories, ratings, reviews, search options and filtering. We also plan to mirror some popular applications and offer a 5 star badge to software vendors in order to get Neowin "back on the map".

Since the release of Windows XP and now Windows Vista we have seen a steady decline in the amount of users on Neowin at any one time, probably due to the lack of exclusive information that we once enjoyed at the expense of Microsoft's wrath (on a few occasions!). We would like to ask the community what you feel Neowin is still lacking and what reason you signed up to Neowin. Good feedback can only serve the community better and that is of course what we strive to do daily.

Your feedback is welcome and as always we thank you for your constant support of Neowin.

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